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Brands: Mercedes Benz, MAN, Iveco, DAF, Scania, Renault, Volvo, etc.

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Fore more than 15 years we provide auto service, preliminary treatment, maintenance, replacement or repair services, as well as spare parts for manual and automatic gearboxes. Are you interested in our the all-round carefree Package?

We pick up your defective vehicle,upbuild your gearbox in our car service station and bring it to our transmission service center. After the repair, we install your gearbox according to the manufacturer specifications already filled with the required liquids. As an option, you can pick up your vehicle yourself or we will bring it back to you. We can repair almost every truck¬īs gear, an automatic or a manual one.

Is your gearbox defective and your car service center offers only one possible solution: an expensive replacement unit? We can help you! We repair your defective gear. You save up to 50% compared to a replacement unit and get a 1- year warranty WITHOUT mileage ( 6 months for haulage and commercial vehicles). Just call us, and we will try, if it is possible, to provide a remote diagnostics and to give an estimate.

Mercedes Benz Actros: G 210 - 16, G 211 - 16, G 230 - 16, G 230 - 12 KL, G 241 - 16 KL, G 240 - 16, G 260 - 16, G 280 - 16 KL, G 281 - 12
Mercedes Benz Axor: G 221-9, G 131-9
Mercedes Benz Atego: G 56-6, G 60-6, G 85-6, G 100-12
Mercedes Benz S.K.: G 125-16, G 135-16, G 155-16, G 180-16, G 210-16,G 240-16
ZF:16 S 151, 16 S 181,16 S 221
Scania: GRS 890, GRS 900