Autowelt GmbH

About Us - General Information
In respect to the building machinery we are before others in Germany and Europe. Autowelt GmbH is your strong partner!
· Used and new building machinery for sale
· 24 H roadside assistance
· Wrecking and Recovery Service
· Repairs of all kinds
· Engine and gear maintenance, repair and overhaul services
· from a single source
Autowelt GmbH - We always find a solution
The headquarters of Autowelt GmbH,located in 97618 Niederlauer and occupying 12,000 square meters, presents more than 200 immediately available models of the building machinery and trucks such as Mercedes Benz, MAN, Scania, DAF, Volvo, Kögel, Krone, etc. Together with its subsidiary in 15236 Jacobsdorf Autowelt GmbH occupies an area of more than 20.000 square meters.
Our car service centers are able to repair and service all models of building machinery and trucks in the shortest time possible.
Autowelt GmbH is accessible around the clock. Does not matter whether your gearbox is damaged or your arbor is defective, our 24 hour emergency service is always there for you. Usually a repair work is really urgent as your truck brings money only when it is on the road. We know it too well, so we do everything we can. We always find a solution - that is why it is our motto.